The stewards have issued the following statement regarding the abandonment of this evenings meeting after the third race: 


“Following the running of the third race, the Stewards received a delegation of riders regarding the safety of the racing surface. Evidence was heard from C.D. Hayes, G.P. Halpin, S Foley, K.J. Manning, D. P. McDonogh, G. F. Carroll and C. O’Donoghue. The riders stated that while the course was well presented and laid out, the surface of the track was giving way underfoot which was causing their mounts to slip. In their opinion it was not safe to continue racing and the application of sand would not improve the situation. Further evidence was heard from L. Wyer, IHRB Clerk of the Course and John Flannelly Racecourse Manager. The stewards also received a delegation of trainers and heard evidence from S. Fahey, G. T. Lynch, G. Cromwell, T. Doyle, G. M. O’Neill, T. Collins and A. Leahy.


Having considered all the evidence, the stewards used their powers under Rule 10 (i) to order the abandonment of the remainder of the meeting in the interest of safety.” 


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